Is It Safe To Come To The Dentist During COVID-19? The Answer Is “Yes!”

COVID-19 continues to be a major concern as the outbreak spreads throughout the United States, and you may be wondering if it’s safe to get dental care from Dr. Jason Larsen during the COVID-19 pandemic. The answer is “yes!” Read on, and see the ways that we’re protecting you and your family members during this difficult time.

1. Pre-screenings & Curbside Check-Ins At Our Office

All patients will get a phone call for a pre-screening the day before their appointment, asking about COVID-19 exposure, recent travel, and other such information.

In addition, you will wait in your car and check in with our team via phone when you arrive for your appointment. Before your appointment, we will take your temperature and measure your oxygen saturation to make sure that you’re healthy.

Our team members also get twice-daily temperature and oxygen saturation checks to ensure that they are also healthy.

2. Social Distancing At Our Office 

We will be maintaining a 1:1 patient to doctor ratio in our office. Appointment times at Parkside Dental have been changed to ensure that only one patient will be in our office’s common areas at once. This helps maintain proper distance between patients, and reduces the risk of virus spread.

3. Deep Cleaning Operatories

We have always used hospital-grade sanitizers and followed all required sterilization methods between patients. But we are now spacing out appointments so that we have the time to deep clean operatories even further, replace barriers on chairs, and take other steps to make sure we reduce the risk of spreading pathogens like COVID-19.

We also have added hospital-grade HEPA filters to all of our rooms to eliminate microbes and particles in the air, which helps further increase patient and staff safety at Parkside Dental.

4. Enhanced Cleaning For Common Areas

We are also cleaning common areas and frequently-touched surfaces frequently to keep patients safe at Parkside Dental. This includes seating, countertops and tables, doorknobs, bathrooms, and other areas. We have also removed hard-to-clean objects like pamphlets and magazines from waiting areas for your safety.

5. PPE Use & Intraoral Suction To Protect Patients & Staff

We have always worn PPE like gloves, masks, and eye protection. However, we are now wearing more PPE during certain procedures, such as face shields and shoe and head coverings, as well as medical gowns. This helps limit the potential spread of viruses like COVID-19.

We also are using intraoral suction for all patients and all procedures to help limit the spread of oral aerosols during procedures, which helps increase overall safety at our office.

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