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A young football player using a mouthguardDental injuries are common in sports, with studies showing that athletes without mouthguards in their mouths are 60 times more prone to incurring mouth injuries than those who do wear the mouth protection gear. The American Dental Association says that mouthguards prevent an estimated 200,000 injuries annually. When indulging in athletic or recreating activities, especially contact, collision, and high-velocity sports activities, participants are vulnerable to dental trauma and orofacial injury. Wearing a mouthguard has proven to reduce such risks of sports-related oral injuries. Our dental team at Parkside Dental helps construct customized mouthguards that people can wear to reduce the severity and incidence of mouth injuries.

What is a Sports Mouthguard?

Mouth protectors for athletics or sports are thick, rubbery gum shield pieces worn over the teeth on the inside of the mouth to help protect the jaw, face, and teeth from impact directed to the face while engaging in sports activities. The ADA strongly recommends wearing a mouth protector in any sport or activity, in which, contact to the face or collision with the face is likely, during sports and other physical activities. Whether it is rugby, hockey, basketball, boxing, football, or martial arts, you should make sure that you or your kids are protected and have the right mouth gear like a mouthguard.

Types of Sports Mouthguards

The basic types of sports mouthguards are stock, boil-and-bite, and custom-fitted. Stock mouthguards are sold in stores and because they are pre-formed, they may not fit as well in the mouth. As such, they reduce the effectiveness of preventing oral injuries. Boil-and-bite guards are also available in stores and pre-made, but they are a little better when it comes to fitting the mouth because you boil and insert them in the mouth or put them on the teeth to form. Compared to stock mouthguards, boil-and-bite guards provide a somewhat better fit, but they are not the best, yet.

Our team recommends wearing custom-made sports mouthguards when engaging in high-impact and contact sports since they provide the best protection. To make the custom-fit mouthguards, we record an impression or model of your mouth. We use the model to make your sports mouthguards to ensure that they are of the right size and shape and fit snugly in the mouth thus enhancing their effectiveness in preventing injuries.

Importance of Customized Sports Mouthguards

Wearing customized sports mouthguards ensures that they stay in place during the time you are playing. Customized mouth protectors are comfortable when worn in the mouth and do not feel bulky. They effectively prevent injuries to the face, jaw, lips, teeth, and tongue. It is easier to breathe and speak while wearing customized sports mouth protectors than when you wear the pre-formed types.

A custom-made sports mouthguard is designed to fit the precise contours of the mouth in order to enhance protection and comfort, and balance your bite correctly. Additionally, custom-fitted mouth protectors are resilient and durable.

Get your sports mouth protector made for you and your family. Visit us at Parkside Dental for assessment and measurements so that we can begin the fabrication process. Call us at 972-442-7550 for an appointment.

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