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A diagram of dental fillingsDental caries, also referred to as cavities, are the most common health issue apart from the common cold. You need to get cavities detected before they further damage your tooth. During an oral exam, our dentist at Parkside Dental can spot the presence of a cavity in your tooth. The dentist uses digital x-rays to get a detailed examination of the cavity in order to ensure it does not cause irreversible damage to a tooth. Unchecked, decay can advance to become a serious infection that may necessitate a root canal or even extraction. Dental fillings can help save a tooth from additional damage and restore the tooth function.

Do I Need a Filling?

People who have tooth pain can benefit from dental fillings. The sensitivity of a tooth shows that it may be fractured or has deteriorated. Our dentists will prescribe a filling procedure for teeth with considerable cracks, decay, cavities, and chips. Fillings help repair and replace tooth structure. Due to decay or fracture, your tooth structure may be lost. In order to restore the structure as well as the function of the tooth while ensuring optimal aesthetics, our dentist removes the decayed and weakened tissues of the tooth and replaces them with fillings.

Filling Procedure

Our dentist begins by anesthetizing the decayed tooth and numbing the surrounding tissue. The anesthetic numbs the jaw and the gums, which ensures comfort throughout the procedure. The dentist carefully prepares the cavity to clean it and get rid of the decay. We may use an acid gel to cleanse the area and remove bacteria or debris. An antimicrobial solution may be used to irrigate the hollow for the same purpose. After cleaning the cavitated tooth, the dentist applies the filling material to the area. When the filling hardens, the dentist trims and polishes it to attain a uniform look.

Types of Dental Fillings

We will spend time with you to talk about the filling material to use. We have various materials available, including gold fillings, porcelain fillings, composite resin fillings, and amalgam fillings. Tooth-colored composite resin fillings are preferred because they blend well with the other tooth structure in terms of shade and color. The location of decay and the extent of the damage and your preferences will dictate the type of material to use. Often, if the decay is in a tooth at the back of your mouth, you need to get a strong filling material. We will guide you on the material to choose because each has its own pros and cons.

Caring for Dental Fillings

Follow good oral hygiene, which includes brushing twice daily using fluoride toothpaste and flossing the interdental spaces. Limit the intake of sugars because they can release acids that wear out the enamel and the fillings, besides causing gum disease and decay. Additionally, use an antibacterial mouthwash daily to keep bacteria at bay. Avoid hard or sticky snacks and foods, including popcorn and gum. Lastly, come to our office so that our team can clean your mouth and check your fillings and teeth.

Find out more about dental fillings from our team at Parkside Dental. Call us at 972-442-7550 to book an appointment.

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