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Benefits of Chewing Gum and mints On Your Teeth

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Evan
Benefits of Chewing Gum and mints On Your TeethSugar does not cause cavities, but rather, the sugar feeds the bacteria that causes the cavity itself. Teeth' enamel softens and weakens because of the development of the cavity that allows the bacteria to access the tooth's interior structure. The bacteria produce an acid, a by-product that, if it stays on the tooth for long, eats up the enamel causing a cavity. The factors that cause the cavity process are bacteria, sugar, time, and acid. One of these factors increases the chances of developing a tooth cavity. Additionally, these factors have different control measures, and some are easier to control than others. Controlling the amount of sugar we put into our mouths fights off the development of cavities.

What makes chewing gum superior to mints?

Mints and chewing gum include sugar, which is harmful to your teeth, but chewing gum is better. According to studies, chewing causes the body to produce more saliva since it assumes one is chewing swallowable something. Saliva aids the body's cavity defense mechanisms. Compared to chewing, mint sucking does not produce the same saliva. Saliva has a high pH value, which balances out the low acidic pH created by bacteria when they eat sugar, creating a safe environment for the teeth. More saliva is created when chewing, which protects the teeth, whereas mint sucking does not.

What is even much better than sugar-free?

Many chewing gums and mints have xylitol as the sweetener, substituting sugar. Xylitol is a naturally occurring element. Bacteria eat up Xylitol the same way it does sugar but fail to digest it and instead are killed by the component. The bacteria-causing cavities are fought against by xylitol, thus reducing the risk of cavities and gum diseases.

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