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Did you know that as soon as the first tooth begins to break above the gum line in a child, which is around six months of age, they will need to be treated and cared for every single day? Helping your child brush their teeth daily is essential for their total oral health care treatment. Listed below are important facts regarding tooth brushing for children:

– A child’s diet is as essential for their oral health as their overall health, so make proper food choices for your child to enjoy.

– To prevent the dangers of contamination, never share toothbrushes or cleaning utensils with others, especially children, as doing so can transfer harmful bacteria from your mouth to theirs, even if you think the brush has been cleaned.

– At some point before a child’s first birthday, it is wise to bring your child in to see a pediatrician to ensure their brushing habits are progressing smoothly.

– About a drop of toothpaste needs to be used for infants, so strive for an amount about the size of a grain of rice.

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