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If you have a chip, stain, or some type of decay in the front teeth, the dental professionals at Parkside Dental are here to give you the option of a dental veneer. Dental veneers are a custom-made tooth placed on your front tooth.

Typically made of materials such as composite resin or porcelain, the tooth is made to match the shade of your teeth as well as the shape that will fit best for a more perfect smile. In order to install the veneer, some of the enamel on the tooth is scraped away where an adhesive is placed, then tooth cement, and finally the veneer.

A light cures the new customized veneer, then your dentist removes any excess (like the cement or adhesive) and then gives it a final polish. Veneers tend to last over a decade even with consistent drinking, eating, and speaking.

The staff here at Parkside Dental recommends avoiding opening objects with your teeth or using them for anything other than eating. Avoid drinking a lot of coffee or wine to keep the color your new veneer. The veneer can also be repaired if it is chipped or fractured.

Give Dr. Jason and Jean Larsen and his associates a call at 972-535-8376 to receive a consultation or set up an appointment for a new veneer. Our clinic in Murphy, Texas, will help you fix your smile according to your specifications.