For patients who have a harder time relaxing at the dentist, or who are undergoing a more complex procedure, Drs. Jason and Jean Larsen may recommend oral sedation in Murphy, Texas. With oral sedation, our dentists will provide an oral sedative that you will take prior to your appointment. By the time you get to our office, you will be relaxed and ready for your appointment.

The most common type of anesthetic used is a local anesthetic. This prevents pain in a specific part of a patient’s mouth and works by blocking the nerves to that area. We often use a topical anesthetic before using local anesthetic. This helps to numb the area before we inject the local anesthetic. This is most often used for procedures to fix cavities.

There are some patients who require more anesthetics, so we also offer sedatives. These are most effective if they are given before the procedure, but they can be given during it. There are different types of sedatives. Some are inhaled as a gas, though some come in pill form. Some sedatives need to be given intravenously.

There are times when a patient needs more anesthetic for a procedure because they are anxious or the procedure is painful. General anesthetics can be used in cases which require a loss of consciousness.

Whether you need local anesthetics or general anesthetics, feel free to discuss your case with your dentist. We want you to have an enjoyable visit and will do everything we can to help.

Contact us today for more information about the types of anesthesia we offer our clients or to schedule an appointment.