For teeth that are damaged beyond what a filling can repair, Drs. Jason and Jean Larsen may recommend dental crowns. These restorations act as a ‘cap’ over your natural teeth to provide protection, support, and proper function. Plus, at Parkside Dental, you can receive a complete dental crown treatment in one appointment with our advanced same-day dental crown technology. Contact us today for more information, and to schedule an appointment with our dentists. Don’t wait to get your same-day dental crowns in Murphy, Texas!

E4D Same-Day Dental Crowns

For most dental crown treatments, patients must wear a temporary crown while they wait for their permanent restoration to be created in an off-site laboratory. At Parkside Dental, we want to give our patients the most comfortable and convenient treatment possible. Temporary crowns can be uncomfortable, but Drs. Jason and Jean Larsen use E4D same-day crown technology to create your customized dental crown right in our office and in one visit.