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Getting to our Murphy office

Parkside Dental is conveniently located to the east of the Murphy city center, and our address is 703 E FM 544 Suite 100 TX 75094. 
If you need directions to our office, we recommend using Google Maps to print out turn-by-turn instructions from your home address, or using your smartphone’s GPS app to get directions to our office.

Nearby Landmarks

Wondering what to look out for when coming to our office in Murphy, TX for the first time? Here are a few of the nearest landmarks by our office. Look out for them to make sure you’re in the right area!

  • We’re located across the street from a CVS pharmacy, which is to the south of our office
  • Our office is right next to a 7-11 Exxon Mobil, which is located to the east of us on McCreary Rd.
  • We’re catty-corner to Target in the nearby Woodbridge Crossing shopping center. If you’re coming from the east, Target will be on your right and we’ll be on your left on McCreary Road. If you’re coming from the west, Target will be on your left, and our office will be on your right!
  • The building right next to us is Elevate Church. You can access our office from that parking lot, so feel free to turn in there, and then drive to our lot and park. 

Can’t find us? Give us a call at (972) 442-7550 to get help from our office staff. We’ll make sure you get to your appointment with our Murphy dentist on time.

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Driving directions from Murphy, Tx

If you’re driving from the Murphy city center, you’ll need to take FM544 and drive east toward our office. We’ll be located on the left side of FM544, so keep your eyes peeled for our office!

While driving toward Parkside Dental, you’ll pass a few landmarks on your left. First, you’ll pass the Kolache Factory, then OrangeTheory and Elevate Church. We’re located just to the northwest, right before you reach McCreary Road.

It’s easiest to turn into our office parking lot directly from FM544, but if you turn on McCreary Road, you can turn into the 7-11 Exxon Mobil, and drive through their parking lot to get to our office.

Driving directions from Wylie, Tx

Coming from Wylie? After you get on FM544, you’ll drive west until you reach McCreary Road. On your right, you’ll pass an ALDI and an AutoZone. Turn right after the AutoZone to enter McCreary Road, then take an immediate left to turn into the 7-11 Exxon Mobil. Our office is located just to the west of the gas station.

Front doors of our office

Have any questions or issues getting to our office?

If you’re not able to find our office for any reason, or you have questions about how to get here for your first appointment, our Murphy team is always here to help. Just give us a call at (972) 442-7550 to talk to one of our staff members, and we’ll give you the directions you need.

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