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Sedation Dentistry

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I had a great experience at this office. Dr Larsen is very skilled and has genuine care for her patients, she made my first visit very comforting and pain free. The staff is great as well as the entire ambiance of the office. I highly recommend.

Sedation Dentistry Murphy - Dental Patient When you walk into a dental office, or pick up the phone to schedule an appointment, what do you feel? If your answer is nervousness, anxiety, fear, or even sheer terror, you are not alone. Countless people suffer from dental fear, ranging from simple uneasiness to an uncontrollable phobia. It’s okay. We understand, and we have a safe, effective solution. Sedation dentistry allows every patient to enjoy the benefits of excellent dental care, regardless of anxiety or lingering memories of previous unpleasant experiences.

Yes, you can relax

Sitting back in a comfortable dental chair and relaxing might sound impossible, but that is exactly what sedation can accomplish. Although dental sedation is sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” it is not general anesthesia, and you will be conscious. We offer safe sedative medication, which allows you to feel calm, unconcerned, and pleasantly drowsy.

Parkside dental in Murphy, Texas, offers two levels of sedation to meet the varying needs of our patients:

Nitrous oxide (sweet air, laughing gas) is a mild, inhaled medication, which has relaxing and analgesic effects. It is safe for virtually anyone. Oxygen is delivered immediately after treatment, which neutralizes the effects of the nitrous, so you can leave our office with a clear head and a beautiful smile. It is even safe for children, and it can be a tremendous benefit for those who are fearful about dental visits. Drs. Jason and Jean Larsen are certified in nitrous oxide treatment.

Conscious oral sedation utilizes a stronger medication, inducing a deeper state of relaxation. You are prescribed an oral sedative, which is taken shortly before treatment begins. We will review your medical history carefully before prescribing the best medication for you.

This is a great option for extremely anxious kids and adults, as it gives you an unconcerned feeling of serenity. It also diminishes your awareness of the passage of time, making hours seem like minutes. Therefore, it is a popular option for patients who need extensive dental work, as multiple procedures can be performed in a single visit. For some patients, oral sedation also has an amnesiac effect, so they may not even remember the procedure. Don’t let fear stand between you and the quality dental care you deserve. Visit Parkside Dental, where you can relax with a comfy neck pillow and watch your favorite show on the in-room satellite television, while we transform your smile.

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Parkside Dental

Awesome experience! They were very gentle on my 6year old twins, both the doctor and the staff. My daughter even said that the dentist didn't even hurt her and that the one her daddy took her to did. The waiting room is very comfy and kid friendly. Staff was very helpful going over my plan etc,... Over all a great visit.
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