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Root Canal

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I got a deep cleaning ( Scaling and Root planing ) in all 4 quadrants and was pleasantly surprised at how easy and pain free it was. I wouldn't exactly say I "loved it" but it was a good experience knowing what was involved.

Are you looking forward to having a root canal treatment? Of course, the answer to that question would be, “No.” In fact, most people shudder at the thought. There is one simple fact that most people don’t know: A modern root canal procedure is not painful. Myths and rumors to the contrary abound. However, research has shown that the majority of people who think root canal therapy hurts have never actually experienced it.

Why is root canal treatment needed?

In the center of every tooth is a viscous substance called dental pulp. It contains nerves, tiny blood vessels, and other soft tissues. When this pulp becomes injured or infected, it can cause abscesses, toothaches, sensitivity, and eventual loss of the tooth. In these situations, we can often save the tooth and end the pain by removing the damaged pulp and restoring the tooth.

The procedure is comfortable and the results are reliable, but the ideal scenario is to avoid tooth damage entirely. The best way to accomplish that is by taking good care of your teeth, brushing, flossing, avoiding sugars, wearing mouth guards if needed, and maintaining regular dental visits. Often, teeth become infected due to deep cavities exposing the dental pulp. Fractures can also give bacteria a path to the center of the tooth, or cause injury to the pulp.

What to expect

You are probably familiar with the procedure for filling a cavity, in which your dentist removes the damaged part of the tooth and replaces it with restorative materials. Root canal treatment is very similar, except the soft pulp inside of the tooth is also removed. It is performed using specialized endodontic tools, so only a small opening is needed to access the root canal. Once all injured and infected tissue has been removed, the canal is sterilized and sealed to prevent future infection. Of course, your tooth is completely numbed before we begin to ensure your comfort.

Once the root canal has been treated, the tooth is restored. This may be accomplished by placing a dental filling in the small access opening. However, your dentist may recommend placing a crown on the tooth to protect it from damage. A post-root canal tooth is healthy, functional, and attractive, but it may be a bit more brittle than before. Depending on the location of the tooth and your overall health, it may be at risk of fracture without a crown. We want to ensure that your smile is beautiful, healthy, and trouble-free for many years to come. Don’t keep suffering with dental pain; root canal treatment at Parkside Dental in Murphy, TX, is nothing to fear, and we offer sedation dentistry for your comfort.

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Parkside Dental

Awesome experience! They were very gentle on my 6year old twins, both the doctor and the staff. My daughter even said that the dentist didn't even hurt her and that the one her daddy took her to did. The waiting room is very comfy and kid friendly. Staff was very helpful going over my plan etc,... Over all a great visit.
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