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You want to keep your teeth for life, and we want to help you accomplish that goal. We consider an extraction to be the last resort, but there are times when it is simply unavoidable. In these cases, we use advanced technology and gentle techniques to remove the tooth comfortably and efficiently.

Standard extractions

In most cases, having a tooth pulled is a straightforward procedure. The most common reason that simple extractions become necessary is extensive decay or gum disease. These conditions are treatable, and often avoidable, so we may be able to save the tooth if you see us soon enough. However, you won’t have to worry about lectures in our office, even if you have neglected your oral health for many years.

We cant go back in time, so our interest lies in how we can improve your smile, and therefore your quality of life, here and now. Gentle extractions, followed by premier tooth-replacement options, can restore the appearance and functionality of your smile, and end the pain and embarrassment of bad teeth. The next goal will be to help you maintain that fabulous smile for life.

Wisdom teeth

Although simple extractions can often be avoided, wisdom teeth may be a different story. These teeth, also called third molars, develop at the back of the mouth. A few people have enough room for wisdom teeth to develop normally, but more often, they are crowded. When there is not enough room for a tooth to erupt and develop in its normal position, it will grow in other directions. Often, it will develop partially or completely beneath the gums, a condition known as an impacted tooth.

Impacted teeth can cause a number of problems, including:
  • Tooth damage – The impacted tooth may crowd the root or upper portion of the adjacent tooth so severely that the previously healthy tooth becomes decayed, diseased, or otherwise damaged.
  • Cysts – An impacted tooth can develop a pocket of fluid or even a tumor around it.
  • Infection – A much more common complication is infection, such as tooth decay or gum disease, because the crowded teeth are difficult or impossible to clean around.
  • Pain – This is the problem most people notice, and it can be a side effect of any of the conditions listed above. Additionally, an impacted tooth can put pressure on nerves causing even more pain.
Parkside Dental in Murphy, TX takes pride in providing gentle, comfortable dental care including extractions when necessary.

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Parkside Dental

Awesome experience! They were very gentle on my 6year old twins, both the doctor and the staff. My daughter even said that the dentist didn't even hurt her and that the one her daddy took her to did. The waiting room is very comfy and kid friendly. Staff was very helpful going over my plan etc,... Over all a great visit.
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