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Crowns and Bridges

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Excellent experience. I had crown to repair a chipped tooth that had an old large filling. I was looking for a new dentist and found it.

Crowns and  Bridges Murphy - Crowns Before After Dental crowns and bridges are among the most common tried and true dental restorations. They have been used to restore smiles since the early days of dentistry. Although the procedures, techniques, and results have evolved and improved considerably through the years, crowns and bridges continue to be staples of modern dentistry. At Parkside Dental, we consider these procedures cosmetic as well as restorative. Our artistic dentists work with only the best laboratories and finest materials to create beautiful, high-quality dental restorations.

Restoring teeth

A crown covers the tooth with a layer of high-strength, high-esthetic dental porcelain. It provides protection and effectively replaces any structure that was lost to wear, breakage, or decay. Because dental crowns are designed to look just like a natural tooth, no one will know that you’ve had dental work.

The procedure begins with an examination, and then preparation of the tooth. Compromised material will be removed, and the tooth will be shaped. After taking impressions, we will place a temporary crown, enabling to you eat and smile as usual while the laboratory creates your restoration. When it is ready, we will schedule your next visit. At that time, the doctor will gently remove the temporary crown, and check the esthetics and fit of the new one. When it is just right, it is cemented in place. With good care, your dazzling smile and healthy tooth should last for many years to come.

Replacing teeth

There are several options for replacing missing teeth. Depending on the location and number of missing teeth, as well as your overall oral health, a crown-and-bridge unit may be a viable option. The procedure consists of crowning the teeth on either side of the gap, as described above. However, these are not standard dental crowns. They are part of a solid unit that includes a lovely porcelain tooth fused between the crowns. Once the bridge is in place, your smile will look completely natural, and your teeth will be stable and functional. Crowns and bridges are just a couple of the many smile solutions available for residents of Murphy, Wylie, Richardson, Plano, Garland, and surrounding areas. Just visit Parkside Dental for a great reason to smile.

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Parkside Dental

Awesome experience! They were very gentle on my 6year old twins, both the doctor and the staff. My daughter even said that the dentist didn't even hurt her and that the one her daddy took her to did. The waiting room is very comfy and kid friendly. Staff was very helpful going over my plan etc,... Over all a great visit.
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